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Oaxaca | México

Far from the typical attractions of Oaxaca City, hidden among a surreal landscape is a rich tapestry of cultural gems and magnificent biodiversity – a magical playground that very few have had the chance to explore, yet which has so much to offer. The state of Oaxaca is home to 16 active indigenous languages, 400+ species of mushrooms, underground cave systems, idyllic beaches, pristine turquoise waterfalls, and intricate mountain ranges all within eight distinct regions where kindness and community are above all. Luckily for us, many of these unique towns, vistas, and other sacred destinations are accessible for hiking and mountain biking.

We plan unforgettable and safe adventures covering a variety of travel experiences, from family vacations to honeymoons, from get-aways with friends to corporate retreats, as well as, wellness holidays and journeys exclusively for women.

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At the heart of the Coyote team is a community-focused spirit. We hike, bike, climb, eat, laugh and learn from the locals. We ask permission, logistically and spiritually, to respectfully visit each place and we invite our hosts to come along for the adventure! We strive to share Oaxaca in its full sense of beauty and complexity.

At the same time as we are challenging ourselves in new terrains, we understand that personal growth and the widening of perspective is an inevitable part of our journey. A sense of inspiration and humility follows each trip into the hills– whether learned from indigenous community-oriented customs and hospitality, or simply from the immense mystery of Oaxaca’s trails. We’re honored to share this land with locals and foreigners alike while building connections that will surely fuel everyone’s desire to go deeper and to travel outside of the box. 


Your Hosts

COYOTE Aventuras is a network of local spirits and travellers focused on wellness and the sustainable development of our community. We are honored to be able to share with you, in an honest and responsible way, the land we inhabit: its biodiversity, our culture, values ​​and traditions.

This network is made up of families and diverse individuals who will accompany us on our journey and take care of us along the way. We are guides, cooks, artisans, athletes, students, teachers, activists, anthropologists, mezcaleros, grandparents, parents, children, and siblings eager to show you Oaxaca with its infinite landscapes and its thousand settings: valleys, beaches and mountains, its diverse and resistant population.  Oaxaca is a place filled with countless flavors and colors. Oaxaca and its constant celebrations; the land of contrasts that teaches us a new and unique way of seeing things.



We had a 5 day MTB Enduro trip with these guys, my parents in law were also with us, so meanwhile we ride, they went to a lot of different stuff perfect for them. It was an amazing experience, all the staff was awesome, Victor, Lolo and Shai, as well Yefra and Carlos.

Alberto Cárdenas

Great way to spend the morning and get to know the city. The local bi-lingual guide was informative and fun. The biking was moderate and can be participated by all ages. This is a great way to get to know the city while learning about the culture past and present. Highly recommend.

Steve Melagno

What a fantastic day! We started with a breakfast in a typical local village which was great to sample the locals way of life. The bike ride was spectacular and Fernando our guide was informative and fun. The tour took great care to really immersive is into the locals world.

Giselle More