Connecting people in Oaxaca with nature, culture and adventure.

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Outside the typical specialities of Oaxaca City lay rich collections of culture and biodiversity tucked away within surreal scenery – a magical playground that few have the chance to explore, yet has so much to offer. The state of Oaxaca is home to 16 active indigenous languages, 400+ species of mushrooms, cave systems, beaches, turquoise waterfalls, and intricate mountain ranges all within eight distinct regions where kindness and community are king. And lucky for us, many of these unique towns, vistas, and other sacred destinations are accessible either by walk or  mountain bike. 

Coyote Aventuras is a social enterprise dedicated to adventures, outdoors & nature tourism.

We offer personalized and unique experiences involving local communities, social projects and magical places. Based in Oaxaca, Mexico, we believe in living unique experiences, facing challenges for your mind, body and spirit. Our adventures are clasifided for you as:


Sports + Adventure

Culture + Tradition

Food + Mezcal



Let us create your next unforgettable outdoor experience.

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