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In Oaxaca, when we talk about community, we also talk about tequio. In Mexico, tequio represents one of the oldest systems of cooperation and community work, it comes from the Nahuatl tequitl (work or tribute) and its origin dates back to colonial times, however, in Oaxaca it has been transformed into a collaborative structure closely linked to the original cultures in terms of preserving their identity and traditions, and most of all, it represents the strength of community ties.

Tequio is a strategy that guarantees the subsistence, social safety and harmony of a group: it is a way of contributing (a good, service or labor) without necessarily expecting something in return. These forms of contribution, with or without exchange, in different parts of Mexico are known as tequio, tequil, gozona, manouelta, fajina, guelaguetza, task, kórima, and trabajo de en medio, among others.

At Coyote we have learned and understood the benefits of tequio and that’s why we want to invite you to learn more about this local projects, to get involved and to make community with us.

Caravana Canina A.C.

We believe that the best longterm solution to eliminate street dog neglect and abuse is population control via spaying and neutering. These procedures are at the core of our efforts; however, we also feed, vaccinate, deworm, foster and adopt dogs on a case-by-case basis in Mexico and Guatemala.

Hoja Santa

El equilibrio y el bienestar surgen cuando nos conectamos con la sabiduría de la naturaleza.

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