Community Involvement Initiatives


At Coyote Aventuras we find inspiration in Comunalidad, an ancient system of communal collaboration existing in the majority of Oaxacan municipalities, which consists of four main pillars.  Communal territory, communal organization, tequio and festivity.  Our regenerative travel experiences organized on indigenous communal land are structured so that we leave sustainable economic stimulus to all Oaxacan communities where we operate.

We are guided by the principles of tequio, one of the oldest systems of cooperation and communal work. It derives from the Nahuatl word, (work or tribute), and its origins date back to precolonial times.  However, in Oaxaca it has been transformed into collective governing structures where indigenous cultures preserve their sense of communal identity, maintain their traditions, and most of all, strengthen communal ties.  Listed below you’ll find our community involvement projects:

– Bike donations & workshops to ensure that outdoor sports are accesible with our Project Bike Love.

– Spay and Neuter campaigns and street dog fostering in attempts to halt animal abuse in Oaxacan communities through Caravana Canina.

– Our Regenerative Travel Retreats serve as an example of how to sustainably operate tourism in a non-extractive way creating equitable work relationships within the communities where we operate.

Tequio Trails


Tequio Trails by Coyote Aventuras

Project Bike Love

Project Bike Love has donated over 140 bikes and safety equipment to 3 marginalized communities on the outskirts of Oaxaca.  Our overarching goal is that outdoor sports become a more inclusive space empowering young people through healthy recreational activities.

Caravana Canina:

We believe that the best long term solution to eliminate street dog neglect and abuse is population control via spaying and neutering. These procedures are at the core of our efforts; however, we also feed, vaccinate, deworm, foster and adopt dogs on a case-by-case basis in Mexico and Guatemala.

Caravana Canina A.C.