Rock Climbing

Oaxaca’s vertical world is yours to explore with our rock climbing tours! Our experiences on Oaxaca’s proud volcanic and limestone faces will allow you to witness the beauty of the central valley from a different perspective.  Oaxaca has been quickly gaining popularity amoungst local sport climbers for its assortment of engaging routes across all difficulty levels.  Whether you want to organize a nice relaxing day of rock climbing with friends, or challenge yourself to ascend some of Oaxaca’s classic routes, our certified guides are here to ensure you do so safely.

Contact us for any questions you may have about difficulty levels or which rock climbing area would best suit your abilities!


Rock Climbing at San Sebastián Tutla

Our rock climbing tour begins at San Sebastián Tutla, a rhyolite rock formation only 20 minutes outside of Oaxaca’s downtown area.  This sport climbing area is perfect for beginner climbers looking to have a relaxing day out at the crag.  We’ll begin by evaluating the level of each climber and setting up routes that are engaging and accessible for everyone!  Have no fear, our guides are certified rock climbers who know these crags like the back of their hand.  During our adventure we’ll be sure to bring some delicious healthy snacks so that you feel strong out on the rock.  Once we’ve had our fill climbing, we’ll take a short hike up to the top of the formation so we can enjoy a picnic with a beautiful view of Oaxaca City.  You are certain to arrive back to downtown feeling strong and accomplished after this exhilarating rock climbing adventure!


Rock Climbing + Zapotec Culture at Yagul

This rock climbing tour integrates our beloved sport with indigenous cultural exploration in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca.  On this experience you’ll have the chance to check out a rarely visited Zapotec archaeological site, contemporary with Monte Albán, and home to one of the culture’s most expansive Mesoamerican ball courts.  Here, we will make an offering to the ancestors of this territory and proceed onto Yagul for some rock climbing!  This pockety paradise of volcanic rock situated an hour outside of downtown Oaxaca is home to some high quality beginner to intermediate climbing that will have you craving more!  After climbing we will visit our dear friend, Jerónimo and his family, for a traditional dinner and a little mezcal tasting to top off a perfect day!


Epic Rock Climbing Adventure at Apoala
2 days + 1 night


Travel to the heart of Oaxaca’s Mixtec region for an unforgettable rock climbing tour where you’ll hike, swim and rock climb until your heart’s content. Deep within the heart of the Mixteca lies the town of Santiago Apoala.  Apoala is a small community of approximately 1,000 people tucked away within a canyon of orange and gray streaked limestone.  This mystical place harbors one of most sought after types of stone for climbing due to its strength and variety of holds.  There is no doubt that Apoala offers some of the most adventurous and engaging rock climbing in all of Oaxaca.  Although this tour features excellent rock climbing on proud walls, we will also hike around the area to learn about local ecology, venture into some of Apoala’s sacred caves, and do a refreshing morning cold plunge into transparent turquoise river waters.

Skill level of a Climber:


Beginner climbers have been climbing for less than 6 months and can climb between 5.0 and 5.9 on the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS). Beginner climbers will typically have a basic understanding of rock climbing fundamentals and may be able to perform rudimentary techniques such as tying a figure eight knot


A climber is considered intermediate when they have been climbing for over 1 year and can climb between 5.10a and 5.11d on the YDS. Intermediate climbers typically have a solid knowledge base in different areas of climbing and can effectively use various climbing techniques such as cleaning a route and giving confident belays


Advanced climbers have been climbing for multiple years and can climb 5.12 and beyond on the YDS. Advanced climbers are well-versed in different styles of climbing such as multi-pitch, single-pitch sport and trad climbing.  They are able to use diverse climbing techniques to ascend overhanging, vertical and slab walls. They are confident cleaning routes and giving solid belays.

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