A Beginner’s Guide to Psychedelic Mushrooms: The ‘Niños Santos’ (Holy children) of Oaxaca

Across Mesoamerican cultures, these entheogens have held deep significance and played an essential role in their cosmology, rituals, and medicinal practices. Over generations, these highly advanced cultures accumulated a vast body of indigenous knowledge and science, rooted in their unique bio-cultural context. Psilocybe mushrooms were integrated into the day-to-day reality of Mesoamerican cultures in a variety of ways, including healing, divination, mystical-religious encounters, soul healing, and more.

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Coyote Aventuras Edu approaches education through the methodology of travel.  We believe the best way to learn is through lived experience, facilitating immersion programs which create space for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and reflection.  We coordinate all of the necessary logistics such as accommodations, transportation, expert academics, access to natural reserves, and local guides for study abroad experiences throughout Mesoamérica. In the past two years we have worked with prestigious academic institutions such as UCLA, USC, Centre College and Think Global School.  We professionally design programs across academic disciplines such as Spanish, Archaeology, Anthropology, Food Studies, Religious Studies, Environmental Studies and much more.


In Oaxaca, when we talk about community, we also talk about tequio. In Mexico, tequio represents one of the oldest systems of cooperation and community work, it comes from the Nahuatl tequitl (work or tribute) and its origin dates back to colonial times, however, in Oaxaca it has been transformed into a collaborative structure closely linked to the original cultures in terms of preserving their identity and traditions, and most of all, it represents the strength of community ties.

Rock Climbing in Oaxaca

Oaxaca has quickly developed into a climber’s paradise. Here in the valley, there are four sport climbing areas all within a 30-minute drive from the Centro. These crags feature a wide variety of different climbing styles from pumpy overhanging rhyolite volcanic rock, to slabby limestone demanding technical footwork.

10 Outdoor Day
Trip Adventures

Caravana Canina
& Coyote Aventuras

Outside the typical specialities of Oaxaca City lay rich collections of culture and biodiversity tucked away within surreal scenery – a magical playground that few have the chance to explore, yet has so much to offer. The state of Oaxaca is home to 16 active indigenous languages, 400+ species of mushrooms, cave systems, beaches, turquoise waterfalls, and intricate mountain ranges all within seven distinct regions where kindness and community are king. Fortunately, many of these unique towns, vistas, hiking, mountain biking, climbing and horseback riding trail systems, amongst others.
We partnered with a local organization Caravana Canina A.C. to address the immense problem of street dogs in Oaxaca. Caravana Canina began their work in Oaxaca in April, 2019. The organization is dedicated to finding long term solutions to addressing this issue of street dogs in Oaxaca via spay and neuter campaigns and adoption and education programs. While this is their focus, they also feed, vaccinate, deworm, and treat street dogs with necessary medical care. Mexico and Guatemala.

Mountain Biking Expeditions in Oaxaca

Responsible ecotourism is a term that encompasses much of who we are at Coyote Aventuras. Our mission is to provide unique outdoor adventure experiences offering clients the ability to disconnect from their normal lives and reconnect with the natural beauty that surrounds us all. We also consider that we have the distinct responsibility to improve the health of the ecosystems we visit, creating a culture of respect for natural places and leaving a lasting positive impact in Oaxacan communities.

Mezcal + Art + Sunset Hike
Experience in Oaxaca, Mexico

History and Culture of
Oaxaca and Mexico

Here at Coyote Aventuras, we pride ourselves on providing experiences that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Our mezcal experience focuses on teaching you about the complexities behind the cultivation, fermentation and distillation of the agave plant. We give you the opportunity to spend quality time and inquire about any questions you may have with an authentic third-generation “maestro mezcalero.”
Words are not enough to describe this majestic sun-kissed paradise. A city constructed from beautiful cantera stone, embraced by majestic mountains, vibrant and full of color and welcoming to every traveler. Oaxaca is an enchanting place to visit and its magical atmosphere takes you in and before you know it you feel like you’re at home. The state of Oaxaca is located in the southeastern region of Mexico, bordered to the north by the states of Puebla.

8 Hikes in Oaxaca
You Just Have To Experience For Yourself

Surrounded by mountains, the list of hikes in Oaxaca unsurprisingly runs long. In nearly every direction, there lay a web of treks and trails to explore, each one offering something slightly different from the rest. Expect cave art and cloud forest, ancient trading routes and permission-only peaks. Oaxaca is a land and a landscape made for the adventurous. So dust off those hiking boots and give these eight Oaxaca hiking trails a try.

There’s More to
Visiting Teotitlan del Valle
Than Rug Shopping

Teotitlan del Valle is deservedly known for its gorgeous hand-woven sheep’s wool rugs and the dozens of family-run rug weaving workshops that bring them to life on the loom. But did you know that the city’s name in the ancient Aztec’s Nahuatl tongue translates to “Land of the Gods” or that this well-positioned Zapotec valley village is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites on earth? Yes, there is truly far more to visiting Teotitlan del Valle than shopping for an exquisitely crafted rug, though that’s certainly a must too.

Beyond Hierve El Agua:
3 Off-the-Beaten-Path Hikes
in Oaxaca Worthy of a Spotlight Too

While Hierve El Agua remains offline due to a seemingly endless and irreconcilable community dispute, there’s a list of lesser-known Oaxaca hikes and attractions worthy of your attention too. These three off-the-beaten-path Oaxaca hiking trails are no less awe-inspiring than the famous petrified falls of Oaxaca. They’re just simply yet to be discovered by the world’s masses and we sure hope they stay that way

5 Best Oaxaca Tours and Day Trips

The list of things to do in Oaxaca can be overwhelming, so we thought we’d pull together a curated list of the best Oaxaca tours and day trips we’d recommend to any Oaxaca first-time visitor. This list pulls from a few of our tours and day trips as well as a few from our friends, all of which pass our personal test for fun and adventure alongside cultural exploration and discovery. After all, it’s the culture, cuisine, and outdoors that truly shine when it comes to visiting and coming to know Oaxaca’s many layers.

Top Things to do in Oaxaca: Get Outdoors!

Oaxaca is a place that is constantly evolving. In the city, cafés, markets and restaurants are popping up on every corner serving the state’s delicious authentic cuisine and providing visitors with the opportunity to discover more about this unique destination. It is a setting vibrant with culture, artisanry and dance always eager to remind us of its tremendous ethnic diversity. Yet, as the city continues to grow, we are left with the desire to explore more, to disconnect from the quickly developing urban sprawl and venture into Oaxaca’s wild places.

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Oaxaca
for Enduro Riders

While the Sierras of Oaxaca beckon enduro riders from around the world, there’s a few locally beloved trails and bike parks just minutes from Oaxaca’s Centro. Keep this list of enduro-approved mountain biking trails handy for those moments between your bigger rides when you’re simply looking for fun and accessible trails to try out or test your skills.

My Retreat at the Mushroom Forest
of San Jose del Pacifico with Coyote Aventuras

While you could simply read the tour description Coyote Aventuras provides to catch a glimpse of what to expect on their four-day retreat in the mushroom forest of San Jose del Pacifico, I’d like to share my firsthand experience with you. In other words, I’d like to bring the itinerary to life for you. Sure, a menu of forest bathing, daily yoga, a temazcal ceremony, plant-based cuisine, and the opportunity for a magic mushroom trip in the stunning set and setting of Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur sounds enticing, but the reality and its repercussions are far better than you could imagine. Trust me.

5 Best Biking Days, From Inland Mountains To The Beach

When mountain bikers think of Mexico, they immediately think about tacos, cheap beers, van ridden beaches and cocaine cartels, but they don’t ever think about Oaxaca Mountain Bike Expeditions. People don’t ever think about the fact that Mexico’s tallest mountain is almost bigger than Mount Whitney in California, and that Mexico holds some of North America’s most diverse forests, mountains and geographical features.

8 Best Things To Do In Oaxaca
That Are Worth Your Time

Just 3 hours total from Oaxaca City lies a condensed cliffside paradise. There are only two comedors in town to cook you up delish Oaxacan food like mole con pollo o enfrijoladas, so pack your snacks and a couple meals. There’s plenty to see here so reserve a cabaña (500mxn/night) with two bunk beds or head out camping and set up your tent beside the river. There’s also one hotel in town..

Where & How to Celebrate
Día de los Muertos
the Oaxaca Way

Visiting Oaxaca for Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos as it’s locally known, is a sensational experience. Though it’s a countrywide celebration, Oaxaca is the epicenter of Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos festivities. Save for Guelaguetza in July, Día de los Muertos in Oaxaca is also one of the most festive moments of the year, both in the city and in its surrounding pueblos.

Ethos of ecotourism

At Coyote Aventuras we are often asked the question, “What is ecotourism?” It is a very valid question and demonstrates how this relatively new industry is still somewhat unknown and constantly evolving. Since the founding of Coyote in 2015, we have been implementing a style of ecotourism that is designed to bring stable economic benefits to local communities we visit. Oaxaca is a place of immense cultural diversity, home to 16 different indigenous languages and hundreds of dialects spread across its 8 regions.

Spirits of the Forest

The Oaxacan central valley sits between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental, two extensive mountain ranges that run down Mexico’s eastern and western coastlines. The region is internationally renowned for its incredible biodiversity of plants, moss, animals, mycelium and birds. According to biodiversity experts, Oaxaca is one of the most important regions for environmental conservation in México due to its concentration of endemic species and increasing extractivist risks to valuable ecosystems. .

“We are made of Corn”

We are made of corn travels through time to highlight the agricultural achievements of native peoples in the Oaxaca region. This post elaborates on the significance of corn in Oaxaca demonstrating how it affects a unique cosmovision that contributed to some of Mesoamerica’s most important deities.

Rock Climbing Expeditions in Oaxaca

Rock climbing becoming a global phenomenon, with new gyms opening up all over the world. Oaxaca is a perfect setting to challenge yourself to some amazing rock climbs and get a different perspective of the valley. Whether its multi-day expeditions to the big walls of Santiago Apoala, or sport climbing at San Sebastián, Oaxaca has beautiful routes for all levels!.

Hiking in La Mixteca

La Mixteca is an immense region in the north of Oaxaca filled with incredible biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. We work together with the ecotourism communal office and local guides in Santiago Apoala to show you this unique environment. Whether you would like to take a dip in natural pools, explore the biodiversity through some intermediate hikes, or rock climb up some of the canyons walls, Santiago Apoala is an amazing place to get lost!