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Oaxaca | México

Tucked away in a sacred valley amongst a rich tapestry of indigenous cultures and ecological diversity lies the city of Oaxaca.  These ancestral grounds of the Zapotec and Mixtec peoples have long been an area of agricultural abundance, rich artisanal production, sacred ceremonial sites and vibrant marketplaces.  Oaxaca is home to 16 indigenous languages and over 170 linguistic variants.  This tremendous diversity also manifests in Oaxaca’s natural ecosystems.  The state is home to over 400 unique mushroom species, expansive cave systems, pristine beaches, transparent turquoise waterfalls, and enchanted mountain ranges where communities maintain their ancestral traditions.  Our team prides itself on creating inspirational regenerative travel tours that emphasize Oaxaca’s astounding hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing.
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We design engaging tours throughout México that focus on community involvement and transformative adventure.  Our team has extensive experience creating a wide variety of unforgettable experiences that highlight the best things to do in Oaxaca.  We plan it all so you can relax and enjoy your vacation!  Our adventures span from family trips and corporate team building activities, to honeymoons and spiritual retreats.  Let us plan your next adventure in México!

Fill out the questionnaire in the link to begin planning your next regenerative travel experience to México!

The Coyote Family

The Coyote Aventuras family is a network of local leaders, travelers, and impassioned activists who believe that regenerative travel can be a vehicle for the sustainable growth of our communities.  We are stewards of the land, protectors of the water, and bridge builders introducing you to the immense ancestral knowledge present in the areas we work.  We consider it a deep honor and privilege to connect you with the land we inhabit, sharing its biodiversity, culture, values and traditions.

We have collectively assembled a diverse team of local indigenous peoples and multicultural guides who curate your journey.  Our family is made up of cooks, artisans, athletes, students, teachers, anthropologists, ecologists, maestros mezcaleros, grandparents, parents, and siblings all eager to share the magic of Oaxaca with you.  The regenerative travel experiences we create introduce you to Oaxaca’s many unique environments and cultures. Whether you prefer to explore the valley, enjoy a sunset on pristine coastlines, or feel the cool breeze as you hike through mountainous Zapotec trails, we’ve got you covered! 

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Visit our shop with a purpose, where you can purchase quality, locally-sourced products for your next adventure, while also supporting Oaxacan organizations advocating for social justice and animal rights.


Frances Murphy
Frances Murphy
I would highly recommend if you want to experience some more remote places and want some adventure. The hikes we did were beautiful, and we learned about the culture and its history. There was a fair amount of hiking up and down the mountains, so make sure you are in shape for some of the hikes!
Nathaniel Keane
Nathaniel Keane
Carlos and Victor showed us a great time! Down for a wedding, biking with the groom and friends, got culture, excellent food and fantastic singletrack! Would highly recommend if you have a day or more for biking! Thank you Carlos and Victor
Michelle Mahoney
Michelle Mahoney
This trip was lead by one of the street artists herself. Anna was full of local knowledge about the city and artists work and how each represents an important aspect of Oaxacan culture past and present. I highly recommend and we also had a delicious street made Mamela and amazing coffee. Also included a stop at an artists shop. So great!!
Jodie-Jane Tingle
Jodie-Jane Tingle
Paola was so warm and friendly from the moment we met. Two days with her in the Sierra Norte didn’t feel like ‘a tour’, it felt like having a good time with your friend. We were so impressed by Paola’s knowledge of the communities in Sierra Norte, the history of the region and almost everything alive in the forest: Paola is nature herself and took care to point out plants, flowers and mushrooms along our hike. We learnt so much from her as we walked. Her ability to facilitate a conversation between us (English speaking) and the local guides and our driver (Spanish speaking) was beautiful. So much more than a translator. She could really listen and help us connect with the place and the people. Paola secured so many surprises for us along the way including a special sunrise hike, a tour of the gold refinery in the mountains and swim in the river, all with our expert local guide Juan who educated us about ancestral traditions and showed us great kindness including bringing homemade pulque on our hike. Overall would highly recommend Coyote Adventures - Carlos was easy to deal with and we got good value. ChoChe was an expert driver. If there were two suggestions to make it would be to include in the information for the hike that it is possible to bring more than the bags you can carry as the car will be with you the full route (we didn’t know this and left our bags in Oaxaca) and explain more about the high quality of the overnight accommodation (amazing shower with towels provided). We expected (and packed) for the trip to be a lot rougher! We would highly recommend an overnight tour and if you get Paola then you’re incredibly lucky.
Rachael Wesley
Rachael Wesley
Absolutely perfect day! Hierve el agua was a great example of how far out nature is. Secret swimming hole provided the best place to cool down after the hike and we were treated like family during our mezcal tasting and tour. Marlene and Jorge were so charming and accommodating. 100% recommend this tour!
I took trip to Apoala waterfalls. It was one of the best experiences I had in my life! Breathe taking nature. Very interesting history of the place. Tour was very well organized. Small group, comfortable minibus. Authentic food. No hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. We had excellent tour guide. Paola is passionate, knowledgeable, and very caring person. She went above and beyond to make sure all people in the group safe and happy. I was so impressed, I am taking two more (diferente) tours with Coyote Adventure.
Ben Fox
Ben Fox
Super fun for our first time riding in Oaxaca. Great trails and excellent guiding. Plus, we appreciated that breakfast and lunch were included at local spots.
Alisha Vimawala
Alisha Vimawala
We thoroughly enjoyed our hiking and mezcal day trip to Hierve de Agua with Coyote Aventuras. The trip was well paced, and the tour guides were very knowledgeable and fun. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Oaxaca!
Aimee Welch
Aimee Welch
A wonderful trip to Hierve del Agua and ultimate hike. Paola was a brilliant guide, so knowledgeable and passionate about the environment and local traditions. Everything was really well organised and it is clear the company cares about the environment and supporting local communities. The terrain is challenging as there loose rocks underfoot for most of the descent, but we were able to take it slowly. The only improvement I can suggest is for walking poles to be offered at the start of the walk (I was lucky enough to borrow one from another member of the group). The hike ended with a magical dip in a hidden pool.
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