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Coyote Educational journeys 

street bike

Street art experience with Coyote Aventuras.

For over 7 years, Coyote Aventuras has been committed to providing immersive ecotourism experiences that connect people with nature and highlight the ancestral traditions of Oaxacan communities. As a company, our goals are rooted in connecting travelers with nature through hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, while also combining these outdoor adventures with engaging cultural experiences.  Our dedication to promoting Oaxaca’s extensive cultural diversity manifests in our street art bike rides and visits with our local business partners around the region.

 At Coyote, our team members express an insatiable desire to learn more about the realities of Oaxaca. We have a never ending curiosity to learn more about the local ecology, socioeconomic conditions, and the extraordinary multi-generational traditions that surround us. Throughout our time working in Oaxaca, we have cultivated not only business partnerships, but deep friendships with local guides, activists, academics, and civil society members fighting to resolve some of the region’s most pressing challenges.  We have built intercultural bridges by responsibly introducing travelers to the realities of Mexico’s indigenous communities, while tirelessly working to provide dependable economic stimulus in historically marginalized areas.

clase cocina teotitlan

Cooking class in Teotitlán with la maestra Reyna.

As we begin to dream and expand our model to different parts of México, we are pleased to announce that we are launching a new branch of our business!  Coyote Aventuras Edu was born out of the same ethos of love for nature, respect for the ancestral wisdom of indigenous peoples, and a great desire to share the immense ecological and cultural diversity of México.

edu coyote

Coyote Aventuras Edu students observe the local flora in the enchanted forest of Ixtepeji.

Coyote Aventuras Edu approaches education through the methodology of travel.  We believe the best way to learn is through lived experience, facilitating immersion programs which create space for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and reflection.  We coordinate all of the necessary logistics such as accommodations, transportation, expert academics, access to natural reserves, and local guides for study abroad experiences throughout Mesoamérica. In the past two years we have worked with prestigious academic institutions such as UCLA, USC, Centre College and Think Global School.  We professionally design programs across academic disciplines such as Spanish, Archaeology, Anthropology, Food Studies, Religious Studies, Environmental Studies and much more.


Centre College Students observe cochinilla, a fundamental element of Oaxaca’s economy in the colonial period.

Coyote Aventuras Edu seeks to inspire transformational personal growth in participants by building profound intercultural bridges with communities throughout Mesoamérica.  This region is home to some of the most advanced civilizations in human history.  Our programs illuminate a chronological timeline of Mesoamérica, demonstrating how the domestication of sacred plants such as corn, squash, and beans (milpa) led to the establishment of sedentary agricultural communities which then developed into advanced civilizations.  

corn caves

Coyote Edu makes it a ritual to leave offerings in the sacred places we frequent,  ensuring the the traditions of the ancestors continue to flourish.

At this pivotal moment in history the world is at a crossroads where people must come together despite cultural or ideological differences in order to save the planet.  Our approach to this fundamental issue is to build intercultural bridges through educational journeys and continue fomenting a world of peace, empathy, and cultural sensitivity, as we confront the pressing global issues of our time.  At Coyote Edu, we believe that immersive learning is key to forming empathetic multicultural leaders who are equipped with essential tools to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

family bridge

Coyote Edu + UCLA participants enjoying the puente colgante in Cuajimoloyas.

Coyote Aventuras Edu connects students and teacher-led groups to programs that illuminate the tremendous ancestral knowledge of Mesoamerica.  Let’s work together in accomplishing these collective goals and transform our world through the power of educational journeys.  Contact us to organize your next educational immersion experience in México.

day of dead

A child dresses as a “catrin” for Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca Centro.