Fitness level: Easy / Group Size: 10-15 Persons


We meet at 18:30 PM in Macedonio Alcalá 802, Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, ring the bell ‘’A’’, between Bicibella and Café Punto Paz.

Cacao  has been a precious and sacred plant since ancient times. There is a record of its presence and importance in many of our ancient cultures. Although cacao is not known to originate in Mexico, it was here that it was domesticated. Oaxaca, among others, is one of the states where Cacao continues to be a fundamental part of daily life and traditions.

How has the use of this plant changed over the years?

In recent times we have recovered the knowledge of the importance of this seed, and now we come together to reconnect with its power and potential. It has multiple properties physically, mentally and emotionally.

We invite you to come and connect with its qualities and experience how this drink takes you into subtle and deep aspects of yourself. The experience will be accompanied by mediation with live music and sound therapy. This is a moment for you, come and experience one of the most basic and simple aspects of life: Being, Observing and Feeling.

Through our reconnection with nature, we can reconnect with ourselves.


The cost of Cacao Circle  may vary depending on the number of booked guests. The initial price for 1 person will be $1800 which is the price of a private Cacao circle tour. In case that another person joins the group, the standard price will be $1200. 

Note: in the event that another person joins the group and you had paid the price of a private tour, a refund of half your payment will be issued. (if you had not requested a private tour).

1 person – $1800

2+ people – $1200


Outdoor activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment).

cacao circle itinerary


18:30 Coyote
19:00 Arrival at the place of the circle
19:15 Start circle
22:00 return to coyote


cacao whats included


– Cacao
– Drinks
– Fruit
– Snacks


cacao ceremonia notes


– Make it private just for your party with the private charter
– Don’t see your desired date available? Please contact us! We will do our best to make special arrangements for you!
– Please, **check the weather:**




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