Guided MTB Tour: 30-40 Km / Fitness level: Intermediate / Group Size: Up to 8 people


For today’s mountain biking adventure, we’ll start by meeting at the Coyote Aventuras office at 7:00 AM.  Once you arrive, ring doorbell A to let your trip leader know that you’re outside.  Then, we’ll introduce ourselves and get to know each other a bit while you receive a brief of the activities for the day.  Once we’ve gone through all of the details for the day we’ll start riding through the historic city center out to the Tule bike path!

Today, we’ll travel 35 kilometers (22 miles) on e-bikes through Oaxaca’s Central Valley where we will learn about various aspects of Zapotec culture. On this experience, we are going to ride around Oaxaca City, visiting the ancient Zapotec archaeological site of Dainzú. Following our visit with the ancestors of the region, we will have a traditional breakfast in Teotitlán del Valle, where we continue our e-bike ride to the world capital of mezcal, Santiago Matatlán. Here, a family of mezcal producers will prepare a delicious mezcal tasting accompanied by some organic, locally-sourced Oaxacan cuisine. This adventure is sure to take you to unforgettable places where you will meet some of our amazing local hosts in their communities!

Oaxaca City is where we begin our e-bike adventure. We start by traveling through the picturesque cobblestoned streets of the centro histórico, observing certain iconic sites such as churches, parks, and neighborhoods where street artists decorate the walls with calls for social justice and colorful murals.

Our next stop is the Zapotec archaeological site of Dainzú (600 BCE – 1200 CE). Situated in the heart of the Central Valley region, Dainzú is a complex of different monuments that were used for specific religious rituals and the ancient ball game, which is still played in parts of Oaxaca today!

Here is where we will relive some elements of the past and pay homage to the ancestors of this territory. The archaeological site tells stories of grand ball players and the ancient life of the Zapotecs. While our guide tells us about the history of the site, we will get ready for the next step of our journey.

Let’s get on our e-bikes and start pedaling! We will travel through rural dirt roads, fields of agave, majestic mountains and the delicious aroma of Oaxaca’s countryside to arrive at Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec community that still conserves grand part of its culture through vibrant traditions, the Zapotec language, cuisine, music, rituals and dance. Here, we will explore the town, visiting the local church and enjoying a delicious breakfast in the market. We will also be able to visit a family of artisans who weave unique Zapotec tapestries with ancestral and contemporary symbols.

The ride continues as we pedal through mountainous landscapes, agaves and flowers for various kilometers as we ride on roads that have been used since ancient times. Finally, we arrive at our destination, Santiago Matatlán, the world capital of Mezcal.

Here, a local family that produces artisanal mezcal waits for use with a delicious tasting and local Oaxacan cruise. This is where the essence of mezcal permeates the air and incites you to try a little bit of this ancestral drink. At our host family’s home we will begin to explore the secrets of this delicious distilled Oaxacan elixir. After our mezcal tasting awakes our senses, we will join the family to enjoy a traditional meal. Between laughs, history and a feeling of creating community, our transport will be waiting for us to take us back to Oaxaca City.

As the old Mexican saying goes, with our “stomachs full and our hearts content” we will begin our return to Oaxaca City, bringing with us memories from an amazing day, where we traveled through time learning about the ancient past and promising future of the Zapotec people.



$4,500 MXN

This tour operates with a minimum of 3 persons. In case the tour doesn’t meet the minimum, the tour will be canceled, and you will receive your full refund


Outdoor activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment).


7:00 Meeting at the Coyote Aventuras office.
7:30 Ride through the historic center of Oaxaca and go out to the bike path that goes to El Tule.
8:00 Ride to the Dainzú archaeological site.
8:45 Bike towards Teotitlán del Valle.
09:00 Ride to Tlacolula.
10:00 Ride to Union Zapata.
12:00 Arrival at the mezcal distillery for a tasting and traditional lunch.
17:30 Return to Oaxaca City.

Bici Arte y Barro, paisaje, Oaxaca Mexico


– Certified guide
– Transport
– Drinks: Water, coffee, tea
– Picnic
– Lunch: Vegetable soup, tostadas and refreshments (vegan and vegetarian options will be available)
– Trail Mix: Organic snacks
– Access to protected natural areas
– Insurance


Make this a private tour for your friends and family!
– Don’t see your desired date available? Please contact us! We will do our best to make special arrangements for you!
– Please, check out the local weather conditions and come prepared for the tour.

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