Guided Hike: 10 km / Fitness level: Intermediate / Group Size: Up to 10 people


For our adventure to the Ixtepeji forest, we’ll begin by meeting at the Coyote Aventuras Office at 8:00 AM. Once you arrive, please ring doorbell A to let your trip leader know that you’re outside. Only 45 minutes outside of Oaxaca City lies the enchanting forest of La Cumbre Ixtepeji.  This vibrant pine and oak forest harbors much of the biodiversity of Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte region.  The community collectively cares for the forest through a cargo system, where community members take 1 to 2 years out of their normal economic activities to be stewards of the forest.  This communal care is very apparent once you enter into this biodiverse paradise.  

We’ll start our day with a light picnic breakfast and some delicious cafecito. While we delight in some traditional Oaxacan cuisine, we’ll get to know one another and get ready for our hike! 

As we arrive at La Cumbre Ixtepeji your trip leader will explain to you the unique features of this cloud forest ecosystem.  Please remember that this is considered a high altitude hike, so we’ll be reaching heights of upwards of 3,270 meters (10,560 ft).  We will be prepared to take it slow and ensure that everyone is having a good time!

Ixtepeji has done an incredible job preserving this communal ecopark creating many different trails, perfect for all levels of hikers.  As we hike through the forest trails decorated with wildflowers and mushrooms, we’ll talk about the history of social struggle to protect the forests in the Sierra Norte illuminating how communities have organized to defend their resources from multinational corporations.  We’ll also reach some outstanding viewpoints along the way that will give you a glimpse of just how vast this forest really is.  As we hike through Ixtepeji you’ll be able to observe how Tillandsia air plants dangle off massive oaks soaking up the humidity stored in the clouds passing by.  The forest is truly alive!

After our hike through the communal ecopark, where we’ll appreciate the diverse flora and fauna, we’ll head down for a delicious lunch with some of our local friends in the Sierra. But before we refuel, there’s one more exciting activity on the agenda: a hike with rescue dogs in the enchanting Ixtepeji Forest! This unforgettable experience allows you to explore the beauty of the forest alongside furry companions looking for their forever homes. The forest offers moments for reflection, deep contemplation, and immense gratitude for this unique day!

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$2,200 MXN



We can only offer this tour if a minimum of 2 people sign up. If your tour doesn’t reach our target minimum of 2 travelers, the experience will be canceled, and you will receive a full refund.


Outdoor activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment). 

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8:00 Meet at Coyote Aventuras Office
Arrival at Ixtepeji Forest
Breakfast Picnic
Begin Hiking
Arrival at the lookout point Pelado Chiquito
Begin our descent
Lunch at Río Frío
Return to Oaxaca
Arrive at the Coyote Aventuras Office

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– Certified guide
– Transport
– Drinks: Water, coffee, tea
-Breakfast: Fruit, memelas, hot chocolate and coffee
-Lunch: Vegetable soup, tostadas and refreshments (vegan and vegetarian options will be available)
– Trail Mix: Organic snacks
– Access to protected natural areas
– Insurance

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-Make it private just for your party with the private charter

-Don’t see your desired date available? Please contact us! We will do our best to make special arrangements for you!

-Please, check the weather in Ixtepeji.

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