With picturesque sport climbing crags, big wall adventure climbing, outdoor bouldering, and a lively local gym scene, Oaxaca is an incredible place for any rock climber to explore. Rock climbing is exploding in popularity around the world and gyms are popping up in all the far reaches of the world.  This trend is making travelers, digital nomads, and nature lovers alike seek out exhilarating climbing adventures in the different places they visit. Well, look no further because at Coyote Aventuras we’ve got you covered!  Oaxaca city sits in a beautiful high altitude valley surrounded by crags that offer a wide range of different climbs from beginner to advanced!

Rock Climbing

Melanie and Mayis climbing the exquisite volcanic pockets at La Meca, Oaxaca.

Our rock climbing adventures are certainly not for the faint of heart.  If you are feeling a little nervous about climbing up high on some classic Oaxacan volcanic rock, don’t sweat it!  Our expert guides are confident climbers who know the crags like the back of their hand and can rig up some top rope anchors to make sure you have a relaxing trip.  Not to mention, we take you to a delicious locally-sourced organic meal after you climb!

rock climbing Meca

Jean prepares for a technical crux move at La Meca, Oaxaca.

Oaxacan rock climbing has exploded onto the Mexican climbing scene in the last decade due to our enormous diversity of accessible sport climbs. For those who are looking for an overnight adventure, Santiago Apoala is only a 3 hour drive from the city and offers some breathtaking climbing deep into the canyons of the Mixteca.  If you’re looking for a day trip, we have incredible crags such as La Meca and San Sebastián Tutla that are only 20 minutes outside of the city center.  These hidden spots will give you the full spectrum of climbing in Oaxaca.  We have technical vertical climbing that puts your finger strength to the test, as well as overhung volcanic rock that humbles even the most expert climbers!

rock climbing woman

Oaxaca climbing legend, Mayis, moves through a powerful boulder sequence.

Oaxaca is not only a multicultural city center that exhibits indigenous cultural diversity, complex artisanry, and delicious food.  It is also a perfect place for any outdoor enthusiast. If you’re thinking of heading out to Oaxaca, make it a priority to get out with us into the mountains and try out some of Oaxaca’s classic five star rock climbs! 

Rock Climbing Expeditions