Ethos of Ecotourism

Ecotourism ethos

At Coyote Aventuras we are often asked the question, “What is ecotourism?”  It is a very valid question and demonstrates how this relatively new industry is still somewhat unknown and constantly evolving.  Since the founding of Coyote in 2015, we have been implementing a style of ecotourism that is designed to bring stable economic benefits to local communities we visit.  Oaxaca is a place of immense cultural diversity, home to 16 different indigenous languages and hundreds of dialects spread across its 8 regions.

We define ecotourism as experiences tailored to presenting the unique biodiversity and ecological landscapes of a place, while ensuring that economic stimulus stays in communities to encourage sustainable development.

Ethos Ecotourism forest

Ixtepeji Forest

Whether it be through hiking, multi-day expeditions, rock climbing or mountain biking, our adventures immerse you in the beauty of nature and invite you to rediscover your passion for the great outdoors.  Responsible ecotourism is the ethos of Coyote Aventuras.  Our responsibilities lie with the remote communities that we work in, providing a means for dependable income that boosts sustainable community growth.  

Ecotourism coyote


Ecotourism provides communities with a long history of out-migration and natural resource exploitation the opportunity to create meaningful economic stimulus using their natural reserves without depending on extractivist industries. Coyote Aventuras’s values lie with the communities we serve in order to provide extraordinary adventure tours that present to you Oaxaca’s unique beauty.


With every tour, we carry a profound responsibility to Mother Earth to preserve the exceptional outdoor spaces we frequent.  Read more on our blog, or come down to Oaxaca and feel the power of these sacred natural places for yourself!


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