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Guided Experience / Fitness level: Intermediate / Group Size: Up to 10 people

Monte Alban is a pre-Columbian archaeological site located in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It was built by the Zapotec civilization, who inhabited the area between 500 BC and 800 AD.

The site is located on a hill 400 meters above the valley of Oaxaca, and has an area of approximately 40 hectares. It is surrounded by a great stone wall and you are able to witness an impressive panoramic view of the surroundings.

The main squares are located in the center of the citadel, where the religious and administrative buildings of the Zapotec civilization were located. The Gran Plaza and the Plaza de los Danzantes, which contains more than 300 figures carved in relief in stone, stand out.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Monte Alban is its architecture. The buildings are constructed with large blocks of carved stone, and present great precision and symmetry in their design. In addition, many of them have elaborate reliefs and decorations, which show the artistic skill of the Zapotecs.

Monte Alban is an important testimony of the culture and history of the pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico. Today, it is a popular tourist destination, visited by people from all over the world who wish to learn more about the fascinating history of this ancient civilization.


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Outdoor activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment).

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16:00 Coyote Aventuras Meeting point / transportation

17:00 Access to Monte Albán

18:00 Sunset Meditation

19:00 Exit Monte Albán / Transportation

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– Certified guide
– Transportation
– Archaeologist
– Drinks: water, coffee, tea
– Access to protected areas
– Insurance

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