Top Things to do in Oaxaca: Get Outdoors!

Oaxaca is a place that is constantly evolving. In the city, cafés, markets and restaurants are popping up on every corner serving the state’s delicious authentic cuisine and providing visitors with the opportunity to discover more about this unique destination.

It is a setting vibrant with culture, artisanry and dance always eager to remind us of its tremendous ethnic diversity. Yet, as the city continues to grow, we are left with the desire to explore more, to disconnect from the quickly developing urban sprawl and venture into Oaxaca’s wild places.

At Coyote Aventuras, we specialize in providing trips that help you escape the big city and explore the remote communities that we believe are the essence of Oaxaca. You can explore these communities while practising your favorite outdoor sports!

Here are some recommendations of things to do in Oaxaca outdoors:

Top Outdoor Things To Do In Oaxaca

1. Hiking

hierve agua

The Oaxacan valley finds its origins in the geological convergence of three major mountain ranges in Mexico, the Sierra Madre del Sur, Sierra Madre de Oaxaca and the Sierra Atravesada.  The meeting of these three mountain ranges has left us with a network of hidden hiking trails that will surely be the highlight of your trip.  These trails take us through a variety of different microclimates, showing off the state’s tremendous biodiversity and allowing us to reconnect with nature.  

Coyote Aventuras offers different hikes such as the Ixtepeji enchanted forest trail, a moderate level hike that winds through the majestic flora of the Sierra Norte.

On this hike, you will find yourself surrounded by moss-covered oak trees, high altitude pines and prehistoric magueyes del monte while you’re enveloped in the aromas of wild salvia illuminating the path up to the mirador

This experience also includes some delicious organic locally sourced food with our partner, Conchita, who takes you on a culinary journey giving you a glimpse into everyday life in the Sierra Norte.  This hiking experience is only one of the trails that we have discovered at Coyote Aventuras.

If you are interested in a challenge, we also offer an advanced level hike from the valley floor up into the depths of the Sierra Norte forest.  The Huayapam a Ixtepeji hike exhibits the immense differences in Oaxacan ecosystems with a serious altitude gain that will challenge any experienced hiker. 

Or you might be interested in a beautiful sunset hike up Cerro Picacho, an easy trail in Teotitlán del Valle that gives you an opportunity to take in the breathtaking landscapes of the valley from atop one of its picturesque cerros.   

We can adapt and customize any of our multifaceted hiking experiences to meet your needs.  We hope to see you soon out on the trail!

2. Mountain Biking

mtb oaxaca biking tour sierra norte

Mountain biking is another excellent way to disconnect from normal life in the city and enjoy a day immersed in nature. 

Here in Oaxaca, we are privileged to have one of the most developed MTB trail systems in Mexico.  These spectacular mountain biking descents offer visitors an opportunity to appreciate the diverse local flora and fauna while flowing down the mountainside.  

Coyote Aventuras operates MTB tours in Santa Catarina Ixtepeji, Teotitlán del Valle and the Pueblos Mancomunados.  Each setting has a range of different trails varying from beginner to advanced.  The possibilities are endless when you decide to discover the Oaxacan countryside on your bike. 

Come ride with us and witness for yourself the exhilarating Oaxacan trails that take you through some of the state’s renown ecological diversity.  

3. Rock Climbing

Travel Tours Rock Climbing Oaxaca

If you are looking to appreciate Oaxaca’s pristine beauty from a different perspective, challenge yourself to a rock climbing tour! Oaxaca has been gaining prestige among the Mexican climbing community in the last few years for its variety of amazing crags, all within a 30-minute drive from the city.  

La Meca, one of Oaxaca’s acclaimed sport climbing areas, is renowned around Mexico for its advanced level overhanging volcanic rock. Reaching the top of these routes will be challenging, but the reward is priceless. 

After a long day of climbing, we will enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal that is sure to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs for a healthy recovery. Coyote Aventuras has always made an effort to involve the community and economically support the people we work with. 

Lastly, Tlacochahuaya is a hidden rock climbing gem in the valley. Its mix of limestone and marble routes provide a different challenge to the overhanging routes at La Meca. 

Here, be prepared to flow on beautiful limestone requiring technical footwork and deep breathing.  Nearing the top you will be able to look down upon the agricultural fields of Valles Centrales.  Fields of agave and milpa intertwine to provide texture to Oaxaca’s unique landscape. 

Coyote Aventuras provides all the safety equipment to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience. 

4. Street Art

street art

Oaxaca is well-known around the world for its colonial architecture and cobblestoned streets winding through the city’s historical center. It was granted the prestigious title of Unesco World Heritage Site in 1987.  What still yearns to be discovered is the tremendously diverse underground Street Art movement that has come to define the city.

Oaxaca has historically been a center for indigenous resistance and worker’s rights movements in México.  The street art exhibited around the city illustrates these calls for social justice.  During a street art tour, you will have the chance to observe the different styles employed by collectives of local artists such as, lithography, muralism, grabado, spray paint, pointillism and graphic arts.  

Oaxaca has a deep history with artistic movements led by local visionaries like Francisco Toledo. Collectives such as URTARTE, Siqueiros, and Espacio Zapata challenge us to think about the social injustices happening around Mexico every day.  Local artists like Bouler, Chavez, Unkle, Arch and Katalina Manzano are tirelessly working to highlight traditional customs such as Day of the Dead or the ecological diversity of Oaxaca. 

Coyote Aventuras offers you the distinct opportunity to be guided through the museum of the streets with experts.  Come with us to discover the constantly evolving street art movement in Oaxaca!  This experience can be done on bike or on foot!

5. Epic Trips

healing epic trip coyote

Our expeditions are for those who dare to explore and want to deeply immerse themselves in nature and surrounding Oaxacan communities.  Epic trips can be customized to accommodate what most fascinates you about Oaxaca. 

We offer experiences out to the beach via the Sendero Copal or on bike, or possibly you would like to completely disconnect while taking in the breathtaking views in San José del Pácifico from the Terraza de la Tierra.  

At Coyote Aventuras, we believe that the majesty of Oaxaca lays within its forests, pristine beaches and picturesque desert scenery.  We are committed to sharing this beauty with our guests.  Our customized epic trips combine to form unique experiences that illustrate the tremendous diversity of Oaxaca.  We strive to share with you multi-day integral trips that combine locally sourced food, yoga, meditation and a deep immersion in Oaxaca’s landscapes. Whether it’s swimming with dolphins at sunrise, hiking in the enchanting jungle of Ixtepeji or seeing the sunrise at Hierve El agua, we are committed to making your travel experience in Oaxaca unforgettable.

Come join us and capture the essence of Oaxaca with Coyote Aventuras.