Mezcal + Art + Sunset Hike

Here at Coyote Aventuras, we pride ourselves on providing experiences that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our mezcal experience focuses on teaching you about the complexities behind the cultivation, fermentation and distillation of the agave plant. We give you the opportunity to spend quality time and inquire about any questions you may have with an authentic third-generation “maestro mezcalero.”

We strive to promote a culture of respect for this sacred drink, breaking with paradigms established in the alcohol industry that solely focus on excessive consumption. If you are looking to drink until you black out, look elsewhere!

Our tour combines an educational experience with a mezcal producing family, a trip out to Teotitlán del Valle for some delicious local food and a sunset hike that you will never forget!

mezcal experience 2
neta agave

The process of distilling an exquisite mezcal is one that illuminates the deep ancestral knowledge in Oaxaca. The years of cultivating the agave plant, laborious work under the sun and ultimate distillation of this fine spirit demonstrate a strong commitment to excellence.

For generations, this artisanal practice has been passed down through “maestros mezcaleros” who possess the secrets to bringing out the tremendous flavor of the agave plant.

On our “Mezcal, Art and Sunset Hike” experience, you will have the unique opportunity to stroll around an agave field with a distinguished “maestro mezcalero” while you immerse yourself in the history and traditions surrounding this amazing plant.

After a stroll with Jerónimo and his family, you will learn about the artisanal production process that is fundamental to the taste of mezcal.

At Coyote, we believe that once people observe the hard work and time needed to create a mezcal they will truly understand the importance of sipping this ancestral drink responsibly. Each sip is a testament to the arduous work of these Oaxacan families and we encourage our guests to appreciate every last drop.

Following our experience with Jerónimo and his family, it’s time to eat!

We will travel to Teotitlán del Valle, a place where naturally dyed woven carpets color the vibrant city streets paving the way to Josefina’s homemade traditional Oaxacan cuisine.


After lunch and a smooth mezcal digestive, our hosts will provide us with a presentation demonstrating the intricacies behind natural dyes. Their unique tapestries clearly exhibit why Teotitlán del Valle is renowned around the world for its tremendous artisanal works.

After our time with Josefina, we will travel to the plaza central where we will see the local market and the church of Teotitlan. The town has rescued some of the hieroglyphs and symbols of the ancient Zapotec temple and built them into the very foundation of the church providing a great example of indigenous resistance to the Inquisition.

Teotitlán is a truly picturesque city with colorful homes, cobblestoned streets and a tremendous artisan spirit.

It would not be a Coyote Aventura without a little bit of hiking!
After our tour around Teotitlán, we will drive out to the trailhead and begin our ascent of Cerro Picacho.

The hike up to Cerro Picacho is a perfect example of Oaxaca’s world-renowned biodiversity. Along the hike you will be able to observe different species of wild agave plants, giant cacti, local herbs and wildflowers that pepper the hillside with vibrant colors.

This Cerro is considered sacred among the town’s people and offers some breathtaking views of the valley after a long day. Here, you will be able to look down on agave fields and appreciate Mother Earth for allowing us to enjoy this amazing drink.

Let’s cheers to a beautiful day at the top and sip some mezcal as we take in the sunset along the Oaxacan horizon.