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Responsible ecotourism is a term that encompasses much of who we are at Coyote Aventuras. Our mission is to provide unique outdoor adventure experiences offering clients the ability to disconnect from their normal lives and reconnect with the natural beauty that surrounds us all. We also consider that we have the distinct responsibility to improve the health of the ecosystems we visit, creating a culture of respect for natural places and leaving a lasting positive impact in Oaxacan communities.

It is with this same mission in mind that we partnered with a local organization, Caravana Canina A.C. to address the immense problem of street dogs in Oaxaca. Caravana Canina began their work in Oaxaca in April, 2019. The organization is dedicated to finding long term solutions to addressing this issue of street dogs in Oaxaca via spay and neuter campaigns and adoption and education programs. While this is their focus, they also feed, vaccinate, deworm, and treat street dogs with necessary medical care. Mexico and Guatemala. Currently, Coyote Aventuras is working with Caravana Canina by soliciting participation from our clients to be travel companions for local street dogs on the way to their new adoptive homes in the United States and abroad.

We are constantly looking for newways to improve the wilderness areas we visit. It is in this spirit that we began the Meca Sterilization campaign effort. The Meca is a hidden rock climber’s paradise in Tlalixtac de Cabrera. It sports massive overhanging volcanic rock that is perfect for anyone seeking a challenge. Since we began frequenting the crag at La Meca, the community below opened up a small restaurant serving delicious local dishes to descending climbers. Our goal is to help sustainably develop this community and show the tremendous possibilities of working together for a cleaner and healthier environment.

One of the integral missions of our partnership with Caravana Canina is educating people on how to humanely treat their animals. For years we have witnessed the mistreatment and malnourishment of animals in the community. During rock climbing at La Meca, we would bring food for the animals that accompany us to the crag, but finally decided it was time to do more. On December 18th, Coyote Aventuras and Caravana Canina partnered in organizing a sterilization campaign that effectively spayed and neutered 7 dogs in the community. When considering that a female dog can have approximately 7 litters of puppies in her lifetime, spaying and neutering 7 dogs is a simple act that has a large impact.

During the campaign, we engaged with the community to have conversations about climbing, their pets, and life in the area. Many young children watched the process actively expressing intrigue about how to properly take care of their animals. It is projects like these that help contribute to the overall health of an environment and a community.

With campaigns like these, Coyote Aventuras and Carvana Canina hope to contribute to cultural changes within Oaxacan communities that assure the humane treatment of animals. We believe this is the beginning of a long partnership focused on improving the natural places where we recreate. If you are interested in donating to Carvana Canina or adopting one of their deserving rescue animals, take a look at their website, Let’s continue to improve our recreational spaces and leave the environment even better than how we found it!



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