While downtown Oaxaca City blurs the reality of how most people live in rural Mexico, including the Sierra and Central Valleys, Coyote MTB offers a new perspective.

Mountain biking through and between small communities provides a broader picture of Oaxaca, where class stratification is important and cultural richness and diversity are deeply celebrated. Discover how Coyote MTB consciously shares these cultural havens and experiences, while supporting and collaborating with the host community to maximize your mountain biking adventure.

Contact us to solve any doubt or question related to the type of trip or level most appropriate for you. Here is a brief description of each level.

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Scenic bike ride: from the Sierra to the city


Level: Intermediate

This incredible mountain bike ride is a scenic descent of 1,700 meters (5570 feet), from the village of Cuajimoloyas, in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, to Teotitlán del Valle (the well-known and picturesque textile village down into the valley).


E-BIKE TOUR: MOUNTAIN BIKE in the forest of the ‘Pueblos Mancomunados’.


Level: Intermediate

35 km ride on our e-bikes, through the forests and mountains of the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca. From the picturesque town of Benito Juarez to the charming community of Lachatao.

Venture into the biological and cultural richness of the villages, meeting local friends, breathtaking landscapes and learn about the essence of communality. Finish your ride with delicious local food and get ready for an e-bike experience like no other!

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Level: Intermediate

We will travel by E-bike through the Central Valleys, a 40 kilometer journey where we will learn about the Zapotec culture. We will ride into Oaxaca City, visit the archaeological site of Dainzú, have breakfast in Teotitlán and continue the ride to Matatlán, where a family of artisanal mezcal producers will be waiting for us with a tasting and a delicious meal. An adventure that will take you to meet local friends and unforgettable places.

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e-bike tour: from oaxaca city to mazunte beaches


Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Our Bike, Art and Sunset tour in Teotitlán del Valle combines all the elements of a Coyote Aventuras experience. Bicycles, culture, unique art and lately a beautiful sunset that will surely be an unforgettable moment of your trip to Oaxaca.

Skill level:


Is this your first time mountain biking or are you still in the process of learning the basics of riding over obstacles and controlling your speed with front and rear brakes? You feel more comfortable riding at low speed and admiring the scenery while pedaling. Your day would be ideal pedaling for 2-3 hours.

Beginner / Intermediate

You’re still building your confidence on steeper, more technical terrain, but you’re comfortable climbing small grades and riding over ruts, bumps and roots. You can handle downhill shifting on flat terrain and can pedal for 3-4 hours in a day.


A classic cross country cyclist. Enjoy uphill push training, but gladly undertake downhill singletrack while lifting the front tire or rolling over medium-sized obstacles and descending on more technical sections. Can ride in cross-country terrain for 4-5 hours a day or more if traversing softer dirt terrain.


You are confident in gaining and controlling speed while lifting up, catching air, rolling over, or pumping. obstacles at higher speeds, anticipating the terrain and changing speeds when necessary. You are ready to pedal for 4-6 hours in one or consecutive days.