Rock Climbing in Oaxaca

By Dylan Dornfeld

September 14th, 2021

Oaxaca City is world-renowned for its cultural diversity, colonial architecture, delicious food and unique crafts.

As you stroll down the cobblestoned streets, you can feel the majesty of this place with every breath. Some archaeologists assert that people have been living in this sacred place since 10,000 B.C. when ancestral nomadic groups roamed around, foraging for food and dwelling in caves sprawled out around the valley. We tend to think of Oaxaca as a purely cultural destination, negating the tremendous ecological diversity of the state.

Coyote Aventuras helps adventure-seeking visitors access these wild locales and encourages us to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature.

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climbing tlacochahuaya

Recently, athletes of all disciplines have discovered and developed new areas where we can take refuge and practice our respective sports. Climbing areas, mountain biking routes and hiking trails have been popping up all over the state of Oaxaca. These trails take us off the beaten path venturing into the many unique microclimates to appreciate the state’s incredible biodiversity.

Oaxaca has quickly developed into a climber’s paradise. Here in the valley, there are four sport climbing areas all within a 30-minute drive from the Centro. These crags feature a wide variety of different climbing styles from pumpy overhanging rhyolite volcanic rock, to slabby limestone demanding technical footwork.

Climbing Tlacochahuaya

Upon the arrival of local rock climbing legend, Juan Carlos Monteverde, locally known as “Livingston” in 1999, the sport began to grow within a sector of young people who rebelled against the imposed traditions of the past for a life on the rocks.

Livingston was a visionary within the Oaxacan climbing community and began to establish new routes in areas such as San Sebastián Tutla and Yagul with help from his young protegés, Erick López and Carlos Mondragon.

La Gran Montaña, a local outdoor sporting goods store, played a principal role in the development of the sport by organizing a Petzl route setting workshop, which instructed people in the climbing community on how to safely bolt climbing routes.

The fruits of this extraordinary labor are on display at crags like La Meca, Apoala, Tlacochahuaya, Yagul and San Sebastián Tutla where these armadores have exhibited their artisanry and incredible skill.

In addition, we currently have four climbing gyms in Oaxaca, Erikuas , Sala de Escalada Yah-gul , Ascender and Muro Mondragon, where people can climb indoors!

These climbing walls continue to strengthen our community and foster the next generation of climbers in Oaxaca. Today, we cherish the hard work of these founding fathers of Oaxacan climbing whose efforts have paved the way for athletes everywhere to come and experience this unique sport.

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Ecotourism is growing exponentially in Oaxaca and our goals are to continue providing economic stimulus to small communities. During these trying times, people are looking for opportunities to safely explore the outdoors in sustainable ways that positively impact local communities.

Rock climbing is an excellent option for those visitors with a passion for adventure who want to push their limits and experience a different side of Oaxaca.

Coyote Aventuras offers a variety of trips helping you to discover these amazing natural destinations with certified guides and all of the necessary safety equipment. Come be a part of our community and challenge yourself to reach new heights!